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Dunbar's Competitive Event Handbook Package

Dunbar's Competitive Event Handbook Package


This package includes 10 Handbooks and a CD.  Additional handbooks can be ordered below.


Content of Handbook:


  • The Handbook, which has been adopted by state associations, is designed for groups that are involved in Parliamentary Procedure competitive events (contests)
  • It can also be used to teach a complete parliamentary procedure unit
  • It has scripts, important points, and self-evaluation pre-tests for 25 motions
  • A centerfold has the major rules (Standard Descriptive Characteristics) for the 25 motions
  • Includes how to handle an order of business, writing minutes, elements of debate, examples, and rules for debating motions
  • Over 50 common procedural errors are also listed
  •  90 pages.  5.5 in. x 8.5 in., bound with heavyweight paper cover


Content of CD:


  • The CD features 25 motion post-tests, 5 final motion tests, a blank table of rules for students to complete, a debate worksheet, word puzzles, and answer keys


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